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online classes.


There's no better time to connect than now, and no better way to connect than passing on knowledge, so we can come out of this quarantine equipped with more tools to elevate us in our professions and passions. I will be teaching donation based classes during the remainder of COVID-19. Yup, totally pay what you can; no expectations on my end. I'm kicking off the first batch with classic one on ones.


Here's how it works: choose a topic, time, and way to communicate from the list. Write these details in the message of the contact form below, and I will send you a confirmation email once received. After the session, you can make your donation using one of the payment options below. It's pay what you can, so don't stress!

-Topics: Popping technique, Freestyle drills/advice, Working as a freelance artist, Performing artist careers and resources in LA vs NY, Portfolio reviews, Storyboarding and pre-production work for creative projects, Video editing techniques (to see my film work

-Availability in April: 10am-8pm M-F; Noon-5pm Sat/Sun

-Communicate through: Skype, Zoom, or IG Live or venmo @sophia-lavonne

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