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Believe it or not, Sophia LaVonne kicked off her performance career in New York City's subway. Eventually, she was presenting original works fusing acting, dance, and film at UCB Theatre, Stage 48, and various off Broadway shows. She moved onto land featured roles for Baz Luhrmann, Moscow Opera House, Spinnin TV, multiple Lincoln Centre productions, The Apollo Theatre and several commercials on national TV, SNL, and Hulu. Additionally, you can catch her dancing in productions on Netflix, FX, E! Network, and Vogue, and her choreography for Nike Industrials, BETs Wild Out Wednesday, TruTV, and Marc Jacobs. Her passion for the arts has allowed her to serve on panels internationally and teach guest classes at UCLA, NYU, and in over 10 countries.

Sophia studied acting at Anthony Meindl and Terry Schreiber; she trained dance under members of Elite Force, Fosse originals, Electric Boogaloos, and Brian Green. She also studied acting, dance, and film at NYU where she received a Gallatin grant for eight years to help develop the school's performing arts program.

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