Sophia LaVonne by Colin Jacob

Dance/ Choreography 
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While studying the performing arts and film at NYU--where she received a Gallatin grant for the duration of her studies to contribute to the school's performing arts program--Sophia was also street dancing in New York City's subway. She went on to landed featured roles as an actress and movement artist in live shows for Baz Luhrmann, Moscow Opera House, multiple Lincoln Centre productions, at The Apollo Theatre, and Fringe Festival, as well as battle and judge internationally within the street dance world. You can catch her dancing in productions on Netflix, FX, Vogue, Warner Bros, ESPN, E! Network, and her choreography for Nike Industrials, BETs Wild Out Wednesday, TruTV, Adidas, and Marc Jacobs. Her passion for the arts has allowed her to serve on panels internationally and teach guest classes at UCLA, NYU, and in several countries, as well as paying it forward through several arts non profits. Her presence and work is characterized by her pursuit of connecting individuals to their own raw feeling, as well as to one other. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she is currently working as an actor and movement specialist. She continues to explores multiple performance mediums in the theatrical, mainstream media, and underground worlds.

Sophia received further training in acting at Anthony Meindl Studio, Alexander Tech Works, and Terry Schreiber Studios, and training in dance under members of Elite Force, Fosse originals, Electric Boogaloos, and Brian Green to name a few. Her work behind the camera--with an emphasis on fellow movement artists and empowering womxn--has been published worldwide on billboards and in print. For more on the latter, email


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